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Ants Pest Control in Brampton & Toronto

Ant Infestation Driving You Crazy? Let Our Ants Control Experts Help:

Ants Pest Control – Ants can be a nuisance when they invade your home or place of work. If you have an ant infestation that is driving you crazy, it’s time to seek professional help. Our ants control experts have years of experience in dealing with ant infestations of all types and sizes. They use effective and safe methods to eliminate the problem at its source and prevent future infestations. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and get rid of those unwanted guests for good!

Ants Control Experts in Toronto & Brampton: Your Solution for Dealing With Any Type of Ant Infestation

Our ants control experts at Pestemite have the skills and expertise to tackle any type of ant infestation. Whether you have a minor ant problem or a severe infestation, we can provide you with a customized treatment plan that effectively targets the problem at its source. Our team uses the latest techniques and tools to identify the species of ants and develop a safe and efficient solution to eliminate the infestation. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and take the first step in getting rid of those unwanted guests. Trust Pestemite to provide you with a long-lasting solution for any pest infestation in Toronto & Brampton.

Types of Ants:

Pavement Ants: They can enter homes through even the smallest of cracks. Though not risky, they can be irritating and are one the most common ant communities in the GTA.

Carpenter Ants:

Unlike termites that mostly feed on wood, carpenter ants can tunnel through. This weakens wood, causing major structural damage. Be careful as they can quickly build huge colonies in the periphery or right inside your house.

Pharaoh Ants: 

These ants can create their colonies in hard-to-reach areas and create new colonies. They can multiply fast and so should be brought under control with a qualified expert.

Citronella Ants:

 You may not find them in Toronto but they can be an irritant if found. That’s why it makes sense to hire the Pestemite team for professional ant control service and treatment.