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Home Care Plan

Home Care Plan:

At Pestemite, we understand how important it is to maintain a pest-free home and are proud to offer effective solutions that keep unwanted pests at bay. Pests and insects often hibernate during the winter months before becoming active again in spring. This activity can result in pests multiplying quickly during the warmer months. That’s why Pestemite has created a comprehensive Home Care Plan designed to provide our clients with peace of mind. Our plan includes:

  • A single exterior (perimeter) treatment in either spring or early summer (depending on the weather). This treatment targets pests like earwigs, centipedes, pill bugs, wasps, and other similar pests that emerge from cracks and crevices around the house, preventing them from multiplying and becoming a nuisance.
  • Setting up mice bait stations in the garage and furnace room as a preventive measure against mice. We also inspect the exterior of the house to identify potential entry points for mice.
  • A winter visit to check the mice bait stations for any activity and replenish the baits, if necessary.
  • A final optional exterior treatment in the fall as pests and insects begin to hibernate, keeping them away from the house.